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©Copyright2020 KPOP monster.All Rights Reserved. The album is also #1 on World Albums, #2 on Independent Albums, #14 on Top Album Sales, and #41 on Canadian Albums. JAPAN VOGUEのBTS. The next virtual concert will be streamed through their KISWE site on Sunday, October 11 at 3AM EST. The album is BTS’s first #1 album and the first #1 album by a Korean act in Billboard 200 history, also becoming the best selling foreign language album of 2018 in the USA. The album is now available across all music platforms including iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify. ジョングクはBTS解散への恐怖とそれが彼にどのように影響するかをシェア. The album landed on #1 spot on the iTunes chart in 67 countries including the USA. 新アルバムは260万枚セールス、スタジアムツアーは売り切れ続出 BTS World Tour: Love Yourself(2018年), BTS (방탄소년단) 'Euphoria : Theme of LOVE YOURSELF 起 Wonder', BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear 'Singularity' Comeback Trailer, “2018年5月 オリコン月間CDアルバムランキングBTS(防弾少年団)の『LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’』は2位”,, BTS' 'Love Yourself: Tear' Becomes First K-Pop Album to Hit No. BTSのSUGA、「OUTRO:TEAR」の背後にある悲痛な物語を明らかに . 21. hét", Album – Classifica settimanale WK 21 (dal 2018-05-18 al 2018-05-24), International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, Top 100 Albumes – Semana 25: del 15.6.2018 al 21.6.2018, Sverigetopplistan – Sveriges Officiella Topplista, " – BTS – Love Yourself %26%2336681%3B 'Tear'", BTS Earns First No. MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 ~ THE JOURNEY ~(初回限定盤A)(Blu-ray付), BTS・TWICE・SEVENTEENら19組が出演、音楽授賞式『TMA』完全生中継が決定, BTS「Boy With Luv (feat. When COVID-19 became widespread, I wanted to perform with the members more than anything and hang out with you all and be happy. BTSの2016年10月発売されたBTS韓国2ndアルバム『WINGS』のリード曲『Blood Sweat & Tears』ミュージックビデオのYouTube再生回数が、7月10日午前4時58分ごろ6億回を超えた。これでBTSは10億再生を記録した『DNA』、8億再生の『Boy With Luv (Feat. I don't know if everything we prepared to show you has been delivered to you, but I hope it has been delivered to you. BTS(防弾少年団)は、10月5日、アメリカの音楽メディア Pitchforkのインタビューに登場。大ヒットアルバム「LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’」の知られざる制作秘話を明かした。 【動画】BTS Break Down Their Albums, From DARK & WILD to MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 | Pitchfork(該当シーン … Netizens are awed by BTS' V's visual in the latest Instagram Story update, aespa are ready to take the throne in 'Black Mamba' intro video & Karina's teaser images, Netizens are uncomfortable with Oh My Girl Arin's habit of leaning on TXT's Soobin while MC-ing for 'Music Bank', HyunA sizzles in a cropped hoodie for sultry Instagram update, What netizens are saying about Kim Hyun Joong winning the long 5-year legal battle against his ex-girlfriend, Netizens are angry at how Vogue Italia stereotypes Korean Women, Former Jewelry member Jo Min Ah announces her marriage and pregnancy, BoA takes a trip down memory lane with her documentary '202020 BoA', Korean ARMYs boycott the Big Hit joint year end concert despite BTS being part of the artist lineup, K-netizens are strongly convinced that China is attacking Korean celebs & culture out of jealousy toward the success of K-Pop, The man who says he was scammed by Black Swan's Hyeme refutes all her claims. Halsey)』、7億再生の『FAKE LOVE』、6億再生の『FIRE』『MIC Drop』リミックス、『IDOL』に続き通算7本目の6億再生ミュージックビデオを持つことになった。, 『Blood Sweat & Tears』はMoombahton Trapジャンルの曲で、誘惑に落ちた青春の葛藤と成長を描いた。ミュージックビデオは壮大なスケールと感覚的演出が際立って、メンバーの華麗なパフォーマンスが視線を圧倒する。BTSは『WING』で『花様年華 pt.2』(2015)、『花様年華 Young Forever』(2016)に続き3作連続アメリカビルボードメインアルバムチャートの‘Billboard200’に入り、イギリスオフィシャルアルバムチャートにも入るなど多数の韓国アーティスト初の記録を残している。他にもBTSミュージックビデオで『Dope』『Save Me』が5億再生、『Not Today』4億再生、『Boy In Luv』『Spring Day』3億再生、『War of Hormones』『I NEED U』『ON』Kinetic Manifesto Film 2億再生、『Danger』『Just One Day』『We are bulletproof PT.2』『RUN』『Serendipity』『Singularity』『No More Dream』『Airplane pt.2 -Japanese ver.-』『ON』『IDOL (Feat.

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