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After undergoing brain surgery he had complete amnesia and forgot how to play guitar. I am overwhelmed with the response he has received so far, but I feel there are so many more that know and love him that we haven’t reached yet. The first record he released after the post-amnesia period was The Return. A pattern Pat uses a lot is 1, b3, 4, b5, 5, b7, 1, b3, 5, 6(13). I asked Joe to write me an email that I could share. Considered a guitar protégé in his early days, he has kept up to it till today by embracing in his music innovation, progression and a distinct technique. [1][2], Allmusic awarded the album 4½ stars stating "Martino performs music that falls between advanced hard bop, fusion and the avant-garde without really fitting into any of the genres. I talk to Pat almost every day and as always he is centered and motivated by life itself. Joe and I hit it off and have stayed in touch ever since. In this lick, you’ll work on a mixture of arpeggios and scale notes as you outline the changes over the tune Sunny. The most legendary Sunny version among jazz guitarists (besides Wes Montgomery’s) is Pat Martino’s recording on his album Live! Sunny, a song written by Bobby Hebb in 1963, is one of the most performed and recorded pop songs. With the current pandemic happening, I get numerous calls, both domestic and international, from friends and associates and always as a part of the conversation, I would be asked about my most renowned client, Pat Martino. As someone who is more of a rock guitar player who dabbles in jazz, I’ve always found it easier to visualize a minor 7th arpeggio with the “blues notes” in Dorian. I called Joe the other day asking about Pat’s health and well being. You’ll also see the G melodic minor scale used to outline the Gm7 chord, with the F# note highlighting that scale choice. You can see two and three-note shapes being used in this line to create energy throughout the phrase. Pat used repeated licks to build energy, especially in the drums, and while it may be a cliche now, this is still a classic lick that’s worth adding to your vocabulary. Bob Bakert, JGT Editor: I got to know Pat Martino’s longtime manager, producer Joe Donofrio while working on the cover story we did on Pat back in August. Pat Martino is one of the greatest players to ever pick up the guitar. This Pat Martino Lick is also built around a C major arpeggio over an Am7 chord. This is something I try to work at everyday. These four notes come from the A. As far as repetition goes, it’s cool if it’s fun — for instance, there’s a youtube video with Pat, John Scofield, and Joey DeFrancesco, and Scofield is smiling while Pat’s playing the same four notes for one chorus plus. These are difficult times no doubt but if you have the means please consider a donation. This minor lick is built around a C major arpeggio, a common substitute for Am7. Go slow, use a metronome, and nail the rhythm for each note in your studies. This lick uses a simple rhythmic idea (a three-note 8th-note pattern) which is repeated to create a syncopated feel throughout the line. There are so many stories and moments to talk about, that we always have a moment to reminisce, especially about his young life on the road with the older musicians.

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